Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Audrey Hepburn Painting

when i quit my day job, and left where i'd worked for nearly 6 years, i auctioned off 3 paintings for a good cause. when Christine died she was cared for by the staff of the southern general hospital's neurology ward. another colleague, Katrina, ran a half marathon and donated the money to them, so that gave me the idea to post an auction just for staff to say goodbye, to remind many of the staff how young Christine was, and do a good karma thing.

there were 3 paintings, one Jimi Hendrix image, black on gold background, a black on white Brando godfather image, and one black on beige 30"x40" Audrey Hepburn image. the first 2 raised £230, but the bidding sheet for Audrey went missing so it looks like i'll have to run that again.

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