Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm Tired

i am very tired. the picture to the left is a diagram of my sleep pattern over the last week. each square is an hour block, red represents a more full sleep, and the chequered blocks are broken, unsettled sleep. white is hours awake.

feeling like a zombie isn't good. to top it off some of those waking hours have been put towards trying to get a refund from a chap from whom i bought hosting (nearly 4 months ago). the seller was on DP forums and had positive feedback (itrader rating) but very poor communication when it came to dealing with myself. usually it's customary for a try out period of 3 months, his was only 7 days (apparently). technically i have not had a trial period as my log in details/account activation details were never emailed to me.

this comes under the heading of poor customer service, or say it with me now, bawbag. how difficult is it to admit your mistake and refund a customer? what is galling is he knows he is in the wrong, saying:

Now, I realize I may sound like an ass on this...
how can one reason with an ass when it knows that it is being an ass?

my body is definitely in need of relaxation, and on friday evening it should get it; i've booked a session in a floatation tank. hopefully this will help alleviate the pain in my muscles and joints. will let you know.

Q: Have you ever been scammed online?


Monks said...

i haven't ever been scammed online...but it does happen. What is this guys he not giving you access, are his servers going down...what's up?

Bulbboy said...

Monks, i paid on Mar 2nd, he never informed me when the paypal echeque cleared, never sent me a login id/code for my account, never told me my account was activated, never offered a refund, also seems to have a 'slight problem' with every other thread he makes, doesn't answer PMs and emails, continues to make threads selling other items, other than that he is a stand up kinda guy. =P

some other people who have bought hosting are experiencing really slow service, and he doesn't seem to want to answer their emails either.