Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Herbal Medicine

it's that time of year when everybody is coughing and spluttering and talking about the bugs and colds that are doing the rounds. most people i know have had an awful cold, but i have managed to dodge it. how could i be so fortunate?

my immune system was quite low a few months back, a midge bit me and my forearm swelled quite considerably, not what you want happening during Scottish midge season. coupled with the usual body pains i get it wasn't much fun, so i went to see a herbalist. even though it didn't fix the rest of me, the unexplained sore skin was alleviated a little. also the herbal medicine treatments that i received seem to have boosted my immune system to ward off the usual bout off flu like ailments - thank goodness.

as well as being a herbalist, Erika also sings. you can hear her sing lion's shadow. i was really impressed.


Vicious Summer said...

Now, what exactly is a midge?!

Bulbboy said...

a scottish midge, or more common to say midgies (pl) here are annoying little blighters. tiny wee flies that you can barely see, until you walk through a cloud of them, and invariably swallow a couple.

some say they're known as no-see-ums in america? can you verify this? or chiggers in texas.

i guess most places have their annoying insect life, take for example your Puerto Rican mosquitoes. a pain in the neck, arm, leg, or wherever they happen to bite. ;)

Vicious Summer said...

Ahhhh. Yes, midge = no-see-ums :)