Thursday, November 29, 2007

It’s My God Damn Birthday!

this worked for another someone i know so i thought i'd try it. :)

32 years ago today, Graham Hill (pictured left) the motor racing driver was killed in a plane crash in England.
32 years ago today, the name "Micro-soft" (for microcomputer software) was used by Bill Gates in a letter on the 29th november (so says Wikipedia).
32 years ago today, Bulbboy was born (don't remember which hour i was born on).

Bulbgirl already gave me a card with a talking Yoda saying "At 900 years of age, look as good you will not."

if you don't leave a comment i might cry.


Vicious Summer said...

Don't cry! I'm only 2 days late!


I hope you had fun with Bulbgirl at that Tom Conti play. Stefan will be so jealous. He LOVES romantic comedies. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to tell people that...whooops! ;)

Bulbboy said...

thanks Summer.

Stefan, romantic comedies? not what i would have expected from a rugged, manly build-your-own house type.

but then again, i like 'em too. only good ones of course.

Vicious Summer said...

Yep. Stefan loves them and I love to make fun of him for it...(even though, secretly, I think it's very cute)...When you come down to Puerto Rico, you and Stefan can hold hands and watch a romantic comedies and Bulbgirl and I will go out and hunt and forage...;)

Lever said...

Oh mate.. we missedb your birthday... what miscreant bloggers we are! Well, here's a belated HaPPY BiRTHDaY dude!

Right... onto December stuff now...