Saturday, August 11, 2007

Unexplained Sore Skin

normally humans don't hibernate, but that's what i feel i've been doing of late, the last 4 weeks to be more specific. 4 weeks ago was when i was at a friends house, learning to play cribbage of all things, and over the course of the evening a tickly cough started. over the following few days my body started to ache a little more than normal, and a heavy cold developed. it never quite reached flu stage but was the weirdest cold i have ever had. there were definite stages of soreness, then a few days of smelling something weird, then sneezing for a few days, then losing my sense of smell, then various hot and cold temperature fluctuations.

preceding that my skin on the right side of the body was the sorest it has been in a while. a burning sensation as though a UV flashlight was left on in my pocket (before you ask, no i didn't). unexplained sore skin doesn't quite gel with the rheumatologist's diagnosis of joint hypermobility, but it seems to have passed now. i've been feeling low of late and not been online as much, for those of you wondering where i was.


Lever said...

Kinda weird symptoms you've been getting there dude, sounds like a session in that floatation tank is needed again or a drop of sunshine? Hope you're feeling better now :)

Bulbboy said...

tell me about it Lever. i did get a wee bit of sun lately, but i think you may be right on the floatation session.