Thursday, September 06, 2007


Bulbgirl returns from Spain today. in a few hours she will be back in Glasgow. where was she? Barcelona, doing a language course and learning new stuff. that's what she does, she teaches English. meanwhile i've been plodding along slowly but surely with diy, and catsitting bulbcat #3, Gizma (originally Bulbgirl's cat) and looking after bulbcat#2, Raku who is pretty poorly.

Raku had an x-ray taken and it looks like he has some kind of tumor in his chest, so says the vet. his wee lungs were getting enough air into them and he had to be put into an oxygen tent so that he would be strong enough for the x-ray. the vet thinks his days are pretty much numbered which is really sad for all the family, but he seems to be having one good, then one bad day. he should last until Bulbgirl gets back from Spain, and hopefully a lot longer. as long as the poor wee thing isn't in any pain, we'll continue to look after him.

he's people after all.

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