Monday, May 14, 2007


animals are nice. i feel quite calm usually in the company of animals. this evening Bulbgirl and i jumped off the bus one stop early, and went to see some horses in a field near home. we fed them some grass mostly to the very large stallion who called the shots in the field. as twilight fell, we spent a little while with them before moseying on back to the flat. i didn't show them grass lit by flashlight as Bulbgirl was a little nervous about them stampeding.

here is a picture of Bulbcat #1. she is called Pushkin. it's about time i put up her pic after showing you Bulbcat #2 (Raku). she was a stray and came to me one night and decided to stay. small or big animals have individual personalities just like humans, so it was with dismay i found this PETA video introduced by Trent Reznor, which made me sad to be human.

it was put on youtube over a year ago, and i wonder how many animals have suffered since then.


RTB said...

Your brother was correct, DaVinci is mentioned in the Wiki article on Polyphasic Sleep

If it makes you feel any better, I've been getting to bed about the same time as you everyday ;)

Vicious Summer said...

Animals are nice, not to mention that they have pure intentions (even if it's the happiness of farting.

I can't even bring myself to view the video you posted. I know how f-ed up humans are and I just don't need to reaffirm it. Funny how humans call themselves "civilized". Ugh.