Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bulb Changing

i handed in my notice and resigned today. the HR lady asked if it was something nice as i handed over the envelope. "that depends on your opinion" was my response, and left her to read the message. every bulb has a lifespan and mine has been just over 5 and a half years in the same job (albeit part-time). my last working day will be on 1st june so it's time to look for something new.

why am i leaving my job? mainly health reasons is what was written in the letter. here's my full (nearly) full rundown of reasons for changing jobs:

  • i am worth more
  • health (my body hurts)
  • poor environmental policy
  • did i mention i'm worth more?

i need a change, and leaving the security of a job may be a little scary, it's one of my goals for this year: to scare myself. don't worry, i'll still be Bulbboy, whatever i do. what will i do? i plan to paint pictures. will that make money? we'll see.


RTB said...


Welcome to the world of self-employment!

I think you'll soon find that it is a very happy place to be ;)

In addition to painting, you should take some of the things you've learned at DP and try your hand at being a webmaster!

Vicious Summer said...

COOL! That's exciting! Change is good when things get stagnant (and even better when you're worth more :D...). Keep us posted on your next gallery showing ;).

Bulbboy said...

thanks for the encouragement guys. interesting times ahead.