Thursday, April 12, 2007

Light Humour

so Easter this year has come and gone. my mother was going to mass, so Bulbgirl and i decided to accompany her. amazingly i didn't get hit by a lighting bolt as a entered the church, or even when the priest made eye contact. a brief flicker of recognition passed appeared on his face (it's been a while since i visited).

we were all given candles to share the light from the paschal candle. the priest came to Bulbgirl first as she was on at the end of the pew but unfortunately she had her candle the wrong way up.

the priest tried a few times but couldn't quite manage so moved on to my candle. i found this hilarious and couldn't stop myself laughing like i did 20 years ago (my brother's fault of course). it instantly brought back those memories of laughing in a place where you are not supposed to laugh. i managed to stop, but then heard Bulbgirl starting to snigger quietly, which of course set me off again.

ever happen to you?

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