Friday, April 20, 2007

St.Monans Pictures

here are some more pictures of St.Monans taken when i was acting as wedding photographer.

this picture show the minister, who was an incredible 6 ft 7, blending into the church doorway, with a fiery burst of red hair.

this image shows the surreal fog, that comes from being right beside the sea. this was shot in the town of Elie, very close to St.Monans.

we were sitting on the beach in Elie and heard noises from the water. suddenly a boat came out of the fog to cries of turn round, turn round, from the frightened passengers as they approached the shore.

this is a pic of Bulbgirl making her way carefully over seaweed covered rocks that jut out into the water, with canoes passing by in the background. the light on the east coast is quite different to Glasgow especially with 'the har', the bizarre fog that we don't get on the west coast. as a student in Dundee a decade ago, i remember on a couple of really hot sunny days, this strange fog would just quickly roll in from nowhere.

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Vicious Summer said...

Wow! Those are great pictures. I especially like the 1st one of the church door + minister!