Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Couple

on friday 13th Bulbgirl and i went to a wedding. it was in Fife. St.Monans to be precise. my friends Steven and Susan were getting hitched in a place that is dear to their hearts. they don't come from that area but have been there often enough on holiday to fall in love with the place. i can see why. the town has a very dream-like quality.

they are both talented artists and are well matched. here are two paintings by Susan. one is a portrait of Steven, and the other is a selfportrait:

Oil on board

Oil on canvas


Monks said...

weddings are good fun. did you do the funky chicken at the reception?

Bulbboy said...

No funky chicken done I'm afraid. There wasn't even a ceilidh (dance) afterwards. We went to the seafood restaurant which was great because it wasn't a hurried affair, and we could just relax. After that we were all invited back to a cottage for drinks and nibbles.