Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Missing Flashlight

my inova radiant flashlight arrived and then promptly disappeared. i don't know where it went. oh, woe is me. :( have you ever gotten a new toy, just and lost it the next day? so annoying!

i only got to play with it a day really, and was about to take some beamshots and post them on here for all the world to marvel at. alas it was not to be. hopefully it will turn up soon around the flat and didn't jump out of my pocket while out and about.

anyway, it was a pretty good torch. very bright, with a white hotspot with a slightly dimmer corona. the polycarbonate casing had soft svelte feel to it. would it take much of a pounding? i'm not so sure. the inova x5 range are much tougher and built for more rugged use. the radiant is definitely a handy flashlight to have around the house, and best of all it takes 2 aa batteries which are so handy to pick up from almost anywhere.

what have you loved and lost?

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