Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Radiant Shopping

i bought another flashlight. don't look at me like that. i deserve it. you would too if you had dealt with the narky customer. this time it's an inova radiant torch. unlike the inova x5 the radiant takes 2 aa sized batteries. it also has a plastic body so it's cheaper than the x5 models. the body also has a squarish shape at the bezel end that should prevent it rolling away. will let you know how it works out when it arrives.
there nothing quite like spot of retail therapy to banish the darkness. :)


Brian said...

how many lumens is it? or is it measured in candela?

Vicious Summer said...

Haha..."retail therapy". Well, it's always worked for me, although I usually end up with a new pair of shoes or two!

I was just imagining being in Puerto Rico with no electricity (we don't have elec hooked up to the property yet!) and Bulb Boy showing up with his multitude of illuminants. Bulb Boy to the rescue!

Bulbboy said...

@ Brian: Even Inova's website states:"The Radiant Series products are not yet rated in terms of lumen(s) and/or burn times."
According to Flashlight Reviews website the Radiant AA throws 400 lux at beam centre. Will post beamshots soon.

@Summer: Sounds like you may need a generator in case of powercuts (and a flashlight obviously :)).
You might want to check out this infrequent blogger's solar power panels too. =P