Friday, February 02, 2007

A Final Farewell

today (1st feb) our friend Christine was buried. there was a funeral mass first with standing room only. many of her schoolfriends were there. the church had light spilling in from both sides. it was quite possibly the most brightly (day)lit church i've set foot in. many have a gothic gloomy nature but this gave quite a different mood.

her parents requested that people wear some item of green clothing, as that was Christine's favourite colour. obviously there was still mostly black on show, but it was good to see more flashes of colour than you normally see at funerals.

the priest's voice reminded me of John Hannah in 4 weddings and a funeral.

during the mass the organist played i watch the sunrise. i remember at hymn practice as a young boy, a teacher with a glass eye would always request this hymn. he never got bored of it. i was bored of it as a child but i love it now.

the sound of Bruddah Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo' Ole) singing over the rainbow came out over the speakers. the sound of the ukelele was so soft that it sounded as if he was actually there using a microphone. that song is a tearjerker on it's own, but in the emotionally charged church, if there were any dry eyes, they didn't stay dry for long.

a beautiful song for a beautiful person. rest in peace christine.


Euan said...

Amen. A fantastic mass for a fantastic person. Rest in peace hun.

Emma said...

Lovely picture of Christine. Beautiful girl.

Lever said...

What a nice girl. It sucks when someone good leaves the world. I shall have a beer now in honour of your friend. Peace.

Bulbboy said...

thanks Lever, i'm sure she'd have appreciated that.