Sunday, January 28, 2007


today at work was a very strange day and a very sad day. we lost one of our co-workers: a young girl called Christine. she only started a few months ago but was friendly and made an impression. yesterday she went to school as normal, but later suffered a brain haemorrhage, and passed away. she was only seventeen.

within minutes of going in to work i found out about her death but decided to continue; sometimes it is better to have hundreds of customers ask you mind numbing questions so you don't break down there and then. some could not continue while others did not want to go home, and preferred being around their workmates for support. with a few tears in my eyes i served a narky lady who was pissed off about stock inaccuracy, and the hassle of driving 10 miles back again. usually sympathetic, i couldn't care less; from my newly shifted perpective i wanted to scream in her face "it's just a goddamn table light!" but responded with a deadpan answer.

Christine was a lovely girl, with red straight hair, a pale complexion and a sharp sarcastic wit which hid her youthful years. we worked beside her, we danced with her, we ate in the canteen with her and got to know her. some people come and go in work situations and don't leave an impression, but she will be sorely missed. i grilled her on what she wanted out of life, being at the age of leaving school and applying to university, but not really knowing what she wanted to do.

what is so sad is that she was barely an adult and never got to experience more of life, but Christine will never grow any older in our memories, and will remain forever young there at least.


Monks said...

this Hopi Prayer really moved me after loosing someone very special to me.

Bulbboy said...

Thanks Monks, that's a really lovely prayer.

Emma said...

I seen u printed off the webpage and put it up in the hall. so i thought id have a wee look. lovely wee blogs you left about christine. she will be truely missed.

Vicious Summer said...

This really is so tragic. I just can't grasp what it would feel like to have a friend or family member die so young and so suddenly. I'm so sorry to hear about this...:(