Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bulbboy speaks with Forked Tongue

tatoos, earrings, nose-rings, studs, extreme body modifications, none of the aforementioned do i have. so far all i have is a minor body modification: a forked tongue that is no longer forked.

possibly since seeing the first xmen movie, when one of the younger students sticks out his (bifurcated) tongue in response to a girl sticking her tongue at him, has the idea been implanted in my head: wouldn't that be cool.

maybe i should have gone to a professional place but it seemed like a simple 'operation'. i sliced only 10 mm into the tip of my tongue, but unfortunately my body has healed itself and the two sides have gone back together. the newly formed scar tissue (or should that be scab?) inside the mouth is lighter in colour and resembles a little wedge of beeswax at the moment. i'm not near a camera right now but i'll be sure to post a pic if i can get a good one.

the day after i did it i had to pull the sides apart as sides started to weld themselves back together, but now they have almost totally come back together. i think i'll wait until the tongue totally heals before trying again to slice it in two again.

how did you manage to do that? asked a co-worker. with a stanley blade, of course. this wasn't the response she expected, i could tell. rather than the result of an accident or biting my tongue in my sleep, doing it on purpose seems a bit crazy to some. no more than piercing your ears or nose in my opinion but maybe, just maybe, body mods should be left to the professionals.

warning: bulbboy does not recommend anyone slicing their tongue or other body bits with a sharp implement.


Vicious Summer said...

I don't know if I would call cutting your tongue in two a "minor modification" ;)...Maybe I'm just a wimp, but I have had multiple piercing (ears, cartilage, tongue, nose, etc) and tongue was definately the most intense.

Monks said...


keep in mind, I am not a profesional but...maybe next time you should try tying both sides of the newly sliced tongue to your molars on their respective side with dental floss. a little support might keep it apart for better healing

Bulbboy said...

i can just see the headlines now, Monks: Flashlight Freak's Floss Feed Fork Tongue Frenzy! when i choke in the middle of the night on the dental string. there's got to be an easier way. :)