Monday, November 13, 2006

Bulbgirl Slice

Bulbboy returned home last night to an empty flat, a bloody empty flat. Bulbgirl was not there and the flat was in darkness. where was she? and what foul play had gone on? before my eyes was a trail of blood, some small blobs and some bigger. it led to the bathroom, with some splatters on the sink. two spiders sat in the bath staring back at me, to add to the creepiness. obviously i was a little unsettled by this (not the spiders, the trail of blood).

phoning Bulbgirl's mobile phone was futile as it was turned off. had she been kidnapped? i phoned my parents, had she gone there? not there either. i decided to sit and wait it out. Bulbgirl is, by her own admission, clumsier than your average person. at the start of this year she broke her wrist and was wearing a green cast for a while. the wrist is not totally healed and gives here a little trouble now and again.

determining that she was either :
  1. in casualty or
  2. had just gone down to the corner shop to get some sticking plasters

i thought i'd wait and would hear soon enough (phoning the local hospitals seemed a touch dramatic). about half an hour later Bulbgirl returned *hooray* with 2 fingers bandaged up. she was washing a mug and it self-destructed slicing through two of her fingers. why oh why she did not think at that moment to take pictures i do not know. apparently it was an even better (for better, read bigger) slice than mine. the bandages are allowed off in 2 days time, we shall see then and compare.

the wound was a two-toweler-double-flapper. not really the technical term but descriptive, as she had to use 2 tea-towels to soak up the blood while waiting 4 hours at accident and emergency. "flapper" because both fingers had a flap of skin. the poor thing had to endure a nurse pulling out tissue and bits of mug. the hand had to be X-rayed to make sure that no ceramic was left in the wound. at least they didn't lose the X-rays!

having lost quite a bit of blood, Bulbgirl was a feeling a tad faint and light-headed so had a chocolate bar to give herself a boost. i made here a well deserved cocoa and she tried to get to sleep, before the painkillers wore off.
the mug she was washing had been chipped a few days earlier so was obviously left a little structurally weak. let this be a warning to you folks, shards of a mug can be just as sharp as a knife! :o

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Monks said...

WHOA! No note, cell phone off...just blood!

Creepy, i would have been stressed out. Look at the good side, now you guys get to go out and buy a new BulbMug.