Thursday, December 21, 2006

5 things you didn't know about me

i have been blog taggged by Vicious Summer. what does that mean? well, it's one of those viral thingummyjigs, a bit like a chain letter but more interesting as it is trackable (see the blog tag tree). plus you get to find out a few things about people you never did before. as you can see it can grow pretty quickly.

here are my 5 things you (probably) didn't know about me:
  1. i am a child of movie stars, well movie extras. my parents were in a film called Rocket's Galore when they were ages 10 and 12. it's set on the isle of Barra
  2. i'm a cat lover, 3 of them, Pushkin, Raku, and Gizma.
  3. i had an audition for Braveheart in 1994, never met Mel Gibson and my acting sucks.
  4. my favourite song is 'like someone in love' by John Coltrane, but i like the Bjork version too.
  5. in my chequered past i used to life model so have no problem stripping. :D

my turn to tag others:

sprout appreciation (that girl)
Tyler Banfield
Brian Turner

ps. i've never even forwarded a myspace bulletin before.


Lever said...

Damnit, I got tagged too but I think I'll wait until the Christmas Chaos dwindles a bit until posting some crap about myself :)

So do we all need to rush out and buy "Rockets Galore"? ;)

Johan said...

Only just noticed your comment on my blog 'congratulating' me :D I've now dutifully obliged to your and GuyFromChicago's tagging.

Vicious Summer said...

The "family tree" of tagging you did is awesome! Interesting to see for sure :).