Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Downsizing Accomodation

rather than relocating (to another planet) another way of dealing with overpopulation and crowding is to shrink your living quarters. admittedly most developers are doing that nowadays anyway, to make more money rather than for any kind of environmental reasons i imagine. a lot of modern homes are more like hampster cages compared to the older style tenemant flats of yesteryear. one man has taken this idea and gone wild with it.

artist-builder Jay Shafer now lives in a home that is 70 feet square, smaller than many bathrooms! in the tiny abode he manages to squeeze in a kitchen, customised storage, a bed, office space, and a mini library (ok, well shelves). it even has a porch!

today i was fixing tiles in our bathroom today. Bulbgirl and i chose marble tiles for a small bathroom, but 3 tiles unfortunately broke. i had to scrape away the old fixing cement first which seemed to take ages, but thankfully it is done now. our bathroom has an area of 34.8 square feet. quite a small bathroom i would say, most of the space being taken up by the bath.

no mention is made of a bathroom or WC in Jay Shafer's house. i wonder where he spends all those pennies he saves on renting a larger property? :)

thanks to Shawn for showing me this. original source here.

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