Friday, March 23, 2007

St Patricks a Long Time Ago

i hope you enjoyed St.Patricks day at the start of this week. it brought back memories for me of a decade ago when i went to New York on a college trip. a bunch of us from art school went to the big apple for a week in 1997 and it was fantastic.

we arrived on sunday 16th and the next day enjoyed the St. Pat's parade. it seemed funny to travel thousands of miles to hear bagpipes. i have a photograph somewhere of one crazy guy holding a book, shouting out that St.Patrick wouldn't have wanted this.

oh, the days before digital cameras, or a least myself having a digital camera. i'll try and look it out. we've had a little snow here this week but it didn't settle. more is predicted. when leaving New York there was a snowstorm predicted and we could have been stuck there for a few more days.

unfortunately we didn't get snowbound and managed to make our flight.

Q:where were you ten years ago?


Monks said...

did you see the st. patrick's day parade? To me, most organized events in New York are impressive just because of the shear volume of people that show up.

Bulbboy said...

Sure did, and it was pretty amazing. Will look out those pics tonight I hope.