Friday, October 06, 2006

My Voodoo Didn't Work

Bulbgirl and myself put an offer in to buy a flat. unfortunately it was not enough to secure it. usually people say it is standard to offer 10-20% more than the offers over figure. we offered more than the offers over price, a lot more, in fact over 60% more and it still wasn't enough. it would have been ideal, being only minutes walk away from my studio, so that i could get more work done.

what does any self respecting flashlight freak do to get an edge on the competition? resort to voodoo of course! when viewing the flat before putting in a bid, i noticed that the refrigerator had lots of magnetic poetry words stuck to it. the flat had been empty for 4 years so i figured that the original owner was not planning on coming back for these. the most house-like word was 'domicile' facing me so i took that one.

how could this lucky charm not work? i carried around this domicile in my wallet for a few days, but alas, it was not to be. we were outbid. not just pipped, but well and truly beaten. our solicitor told us that there had been 30 bids on the property, and she had never experienced so much interest in one property in her years of conveyancing. maybe someone at an earlier viewing took the magnetic poetry word 'flat' or 'house' which technically would have a higher voodoo rating.

oh well, onwards and upwards. we just have to keep looking for the perfect domicile.

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Vicious Summer said...

Damn! It sounds like the UK housing market is as f-ed up as San Diego. Everything happens for a reason, though. You'll find something better and cheaper :). If the San Diego market hadn't gotten so ridiculous, I wouldn't be moving to paradise!