Thursday, October 05, 2006

Halloween Face Mask?

Bulbgirl commented that i am getting a double chin. i could have argued and said that it was just the way i was lying down at the time, the way my head was tilted, yadda, yadda, yadda...but she was/is right. my skin did seem more loose than normal.

having not been as physically active of late due to fibromyalgia, i seem to have lost weight. that's not a good thing. my trousers don't exactly fit me as they did before. this weight loss, only seems to be muscle mass loss, while my fat remains. that's quite a good thing i supppose as winter approaches, the padding should come in useful against any cold spells.

the skin around my neck seems unusually stretchy though. don't know if it was like this before but it now reminds me of the mission impossible trick of whipping off the face mask disguise. maybe this halloween i'll should go guising as myself?

is your skin stretchier? if you want to look at costumes much prettier than my visage checkout these halloween costumes from LaLaLingerie. my favourite is the mens vampire getup, appealing to my gothic sensibilities. :)


Monks said...

that is the scariest mask i have ever better put that away after halloween and leave it in a drawyer until next year. :-)

Vicious Summer said...

haha...Can you imagine what bulbgirl would have done if you told *her* that she had a double chin?!

What you are experiancing is what I have named "Skinnyfat". Very common for people that have been sick for long periods of time and girls that think that they don't need to work out as long as they don't eat. Ewwww. Lucky, being active for a few days will cure the skinnyfat :).

p.s. Thanks for the plug :)! Viva La La Lingerie!