Monday, November 28, 2005


i'm afraid to say that i have a deep, dark secret.
i have liking for flashlights / torches.
on my 15th birthday i received a huge duracell torch that took four d cell batteries. it had a lantern as well as a spotlight function. it was great but too expensive for me to run at that time. it was never used in an emergency, just for playing with (until the batteries died).

when was it that my flashlight fetish developed?
i blame starwars.

seeing a lightsaber for the first time did something to me. Santa never did bring me a real one. my annual letter to lapland usually contained the words 'real lightsabre'. i didn't want a pretend one. Santa, in his wisdom, probably knew that giving a seven year old kid a weapon that could cut through metal and walls, wasn't a good idea.

so playing with torches (especially on a foggy night) was the nearest i could get.
my life moved on, lightsaberless.

led technology moved on too. they are more efficient now and are a lot smaller that torches of old. smaller, sleeker, and they come in different colours too.

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