Friday, August 20, 2010

help a total stranger

question: what's worse than getting cancer? (sounds like the start of a bad joke i know, but bear with me).answer: getting cancer twice.
question: what's worse than getting cancer twice?
answer: getting cancer a third time.

imagine how getting leukemia in your teens could really put you off your stride. imagine getting rid of cancer and it coming back. imagine having cancer and continuing to work at your job (in a bank of all places). imagine having insurance, but still needing to pay $80k.

one person who doesn't need to imagine the above paragraph is Rachel Hunnicutt-Knight. she is going through it. you can help. you can also go back and play crappy games on facebook. helping would be much better though. imagine going to bed and lying down thinking "i performed an altruistic act today". like the episode of friends where Joey and Phoebe try and find a truly selfless act, you might get a good feeling.
don't worry about that.
if you can donate some money to help out, you can donate at the site was created by a friend of Rachel's family.

maybe it's a scam, i've heard about these things. scams exist. sad fact. some people are absolute bawbags, but i stake my reputation (for what it's worth) on the genuineness of Rachel's predicament. why? 2 blokes. Doc and Rob Jones. both stand up guys, more sensible than some shifty types you can find on forums. Doc is a rambling madman (his words) and addresses the repercussions of scams on genuine cases.

Rob Jones who made the Got-Marrow site isn't just some fly-by-night-cowboy either. he is a cowboy though. and he's older than than the internets.

if you've hung around forums such as digital point, v7n, or netbuilders, you will have probably run in to them at some point.

if you can't donate to help a total stranger, you still help by spreading the word, even posting on facebook.

you can also read Rachel's blog, it's a doable deal, and then she wont be a stranger to you.


robjones said...

Hey Ian, Thanks for plugging the cause. [Wait a minute... older than the internet?!] Have known this family since Rachel was just a youngster, and it's been nice to see the internet community come together to help out.

In the age of daily emails telling us some government under-secretary in Nigeria would like us to help them get 3.4 mil outta the country in return for a quick peek at our ATM pin number it's only natural we're going to see a doubter or two... especially among the hardcore internet pros.

Makes it all the more special to see folks rally to give Rachel's family a hand. Really appreciate the assistance. As the site says, nobody can help everyone, but everyone can help somebody. :)

Doc said...

You're a class act, Ian! And I really appreciate you not mentioning that I'm even older that Rob!

Like Rob said, it really is special to see so many folks, from all over the globe, offering Rachel their support, moral and financial.

Kinda makes an old cynic like me feel like there's some hope for mankind after all.

Thanks for YOUR support!