Friday, April 03, 2009

Swearing at Children

i swore at a child today. not my child though. does that make it okay?

not very grown up of me but i would probably do it again. losing one's temper isn't good but it was in defence of a loved one.

after making my way to a local supermarket to buy some cat food Moby, our cheeky little cat, had followed me further than his little legs should have. he can be quite dog-like following people. we were nearer the store than home and he had already crossed a busy road to get there so the decision was made to take him to, or near, the shop. while debating in my head whether he could be taken into the store (i imagine arguing with a manager and pointing to a no dogs allowed notice), the furry one stopped to play at a tree trunk. that was my chance to get out of his sight, shop, and get back before he noticed me gone.

by chance Bulbgirl was just entering the store too, as the gym had brought forward their opening hours and wouldn't let her in. we shopped but noticed a few kids, quite small, early teens maybe, creating havoc and mucking about, throwing empty boxes at each other, as if they owned the joint. we shopped quickly, left and got back to our boy.

he was pretty much in the same place waiting for me, but happy to see both of us, and followed us back to Bulbgirl's flat. i say followed, but it was more like running excitedly beside and by us, then hanging back for a bit interested in something eles. it was while he was lagging behind that the 4 or 5 bawbag kids got between us. Moby was unsure. but he approached. it was then that one of the girls stamped her foot and screamed at the poor poor pussycat. the other kids laughed. this bravado, and laddish behaviour, sparked something in my head.

what annoyed me most was that it was a little kid who did it. Bulbgirl (good cop) chided the offending little madam, and then myself (bad cop) said a bad word followed by a really, really bad word. i was suprised that i swore at a child. the girl was also informed that Moby was a "lovely little thing". the thought occurred to me to tell her how much joy he brings to everyone he meets and had the nicest nature of any feline myself or Bulbgirl has ever met, but the best way of encapsulating all that in a short amount of time was to use a 4 letter word while she gave me he best 'don't-care-nuffink-can-touch-me-soap-opera' face.

i don't know whether she will reflect on her behaviour and the reaction it caused later. doubt it but i hope so. anybody who shouts at a defenceless kitty cat deserves a dressing down. maybe it was the painful day i had, stabbing eye pains while at university today, but the same events would probably have unfolded had i been feeling fit and fine. is the mind numbing music from mind numbed kids on public transport, in shops, everywhere resulting in a self centred generation who care for neither man nor beast?

should it be okay to verbally abuse children if they are not your own and the aforementioned childred screamed at your pussy?

< /rant>


Vicious Summer said...

Sounds like that kid was a little brat and deserved it. I can guarantee she will think twice before doing that again...

robjones said...

Kids think they are so tough... it doesn't hurt to occasionally remind 'em it isn't so if properly marinated and cooked over low heat. :)