Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Light in the Sky

a couple of hours ago i went outside for a breath of air and to peek at the stars. at that very moment on the tail end of ursa major, near the bright star arcturus, there was as bright light. initially it seemed like a star, then it moved so it seemed like a plane. too high up. a satellite probably.

if memory serves

i write probably because upon viewing one for the first time years ago, ideas of ufos filled my head (i want to believe). my uncle told me there's tons of them "up there" and took them for granted. viewing them up in Barra is easier and a more common experience as there is less light pollution. down nearer Glasgow, however, a glimpse of a satellite is a more seldom seen sight. seeing the light grow brighter and then dimmer is impressive; to think that there is a man made object tumbling around up there catching the rays of the sun and reflecting them back down to our eyes really is amazing.

imagine, if there are aliens. and they were visiting us, what would be the perfect disguise to go unoticed? disguise the spacecraft as a satellite of course! aliens could go unnoticed for absolutely ages before being rumbled. i like computers and alien movies but don't search for them like 'super hacker' gary mackinnon.

looking up just as a satellite is passing overhead makes me smile. as a black cat crossing your path is supposed to be unlucky, could we start a new superstition that a satellite crossing your path is lucky?

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Tim's Digital Darkroom said...

That is pretty wild. I used to see shooting stars in VT as a kid, never seen anything like that in TX though...too much light pollution :/