Sunday, May 04, 2008

Big Fat Liar

just testing the new future posting ability of blogger. the Blogger Buzz site informs us that we can now schedule posts to be published at a future date and time. this means that you can go on holiday, go to the shops, or just write up all you posts for the month in one day, then take a break from blogging.

i'm pushing the boat out here and publishing a whole 15 mins into the future. it's 9.45 pm and i'll be 15 minutes into a Hitchcock film when this is published. this means i can lie and pretend i go to bed early and post at 9am instead of going to bed late and posting at 5am or whenever the notion takes me.

does it make a difference to know that you're reading a blog in which nobody hit the publish button, when the post was published?

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