Monday, March 17, 2008

About Me(me)

Summer has tagged me and i have to give you some titbits of info about me. here goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
... in 1998 i was 22 and nearing the end of a 4 year degree course in fine art. it was in dundee and i specialised in oil painting

Things On My To Do list
... get a "to do list" :)
... get healthier
... see a specialist
... float more
... swim more
... spend more time being creative
... make a living by doing creative things
... buy batteries
... get my brother to move a couch

Bad Habits
... procrastination
... no definite pattern to my life
... being lackadaisical, or so i have been accused of. probably related to procrastination.

Places I have Lived
... glasgow, renfrew, erskine, paisley

Things Most People Don’t Know About Me
... i look normal (fairly) but i hurt (joints are crap)
... partially blind in left eye
... i wanted to be spider-man when i grew up. older and wiser, i realise how silly this idea was. i now want to be batman

time to tag some others: Stephanie, Tim and Lever.


Lever said...

Ah, ya bugger! I did it. It made me realise my blooming to-do list is stupidly lengthy, even though I didn't mention every damn thing I have to do on it :D

Mike Dammann said...

Had blogging existed when I grew up, I think I would have wanted to be a blogger when I get old.