Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Gargoyle Wings

here is a pic of my gargoyle wings. they protrude more than your average human's. imagine a cat walking along, how it's shoulder bladers slink in an out. mine can do that.

everyone's shoulder area moves to some extent, but these scapula of mine just go a little further than most. now only if they were useful and could grow a little more then i could glide on a windy day, an inbuilt gliding system if you will.

unfortunately the downside to having joint hypermobility, what the rheumatologist thinks i have, is the pain. lately everything seems to hurt, not enough to stop me getting about, but just enough to stop me enjoy getting about. an area of my left ribs has been threatening to pop or move out of place but hopefully it won't as it did before.

having always been a flexible kid i didn't think too much of the little niggling pains that plagued me day to day, but getting older (31 now) everything is getting a bit more pronounced. even if the wrists do get too sore to hold things in the future i'm sure the last thing that will be prised from my grip will be a flashlight. :)


Lever said...

Hmm, interesting that... not only did I watch "Reign of the Gargoyles" this week, but also started reading up on the Alexander Technique because it's supposed to help with stress/posture :)

Go on, do the Charlton Heston thing and proclaim, flashlight aloft... "From my cold dead hands.."

And it's raining... and that Control movie needs to be seen...

Vicious Summer said...

That's a cool photo.

Cat-like shoulder blades are fine, just don't pee in my suitcase, por favor. ;)

Hopefully you'll find a cure for your hypermobility induced pain. Constant nagging pain is something that goes from annoying to downright frustrating. Last time I was in Puerto Rico, I got the worst lower back pain (perhaps from all the flying I've been doing, or maybe the horrific mattress we were sleeping on...) for 2 - 3 days. When it finally subsided, I didn't notice until I was washing disheds in the bathtub, which made my back hurt. I then thought, "Oh yeah, my back doesn't hurt for no reason today...Yay!". Sometimes it takes the good to appreciate the bad. Anyhow, I'm totally rambling :). My whole point was to keep trying new things until you find something that eases the pain. I was talking to my dad today and he finally found a doctor that has done something positive for his pain (involving beet juice and supplements, who'd of thought...).

Bulbboy said...

Lever: aah, Charlton Heston, they don't make them like him any more. i got to see Control and Run Fatboy Run on the same day.

Summer: don't worry, i'm house trained :D
thanks for the support, i'm still searching. beet juice? might have to try some of that, being a card carrying veggie.