Friday, October 20, 2006

Kitchen Worktop

we had a kitchen fitter in today, not to fit a kitchen but to fix a kitchen. the person who did the work before was supposed to be an electrician, plumber and joiner in one. bit of a tall order. i wasn't the one who hired this 'professional', but was just as disappointed as Bulbgirl to see the results. finding a decent tradesperson is difficult enough, but finding 3 in 1 would be nigh on impossible, IMHO.

instead we had a chap by the name of Scott Cook come in and install a new part of the worktop. he had a router and jig, and did the business. funny though when phoning around for a quotes from joiners that some didn't seem to own a router. call me stupid but if you are going to fit a kitchen, i would have thought that a router would be a pretty essential tool? suffice to say tradesperson number one didn't own a router and didn't even measure properly before sawing into our beech worktops. needless to say tears were shed, not mine though.

while talking with Scott the joiner, i found out that he didn't have a website and wanted to get on the net 'eventually'. so i found him a domain name and put a few details of his on there, coupled with a link to a blogger blog so that Scott can update it himself. maybe i will help him out more with it when my web design course progresses a little. :)


Monks said...

you know, i don't want to be a party pooper, but I have done this for about a half a dozen people. Ya know, put up a basic website with a blog. no one has taken advantage of the blog or site. not one.

it seems i am the only one, and now my close friends, are the only ones geeky enough to get into this. i guess that leaves more room to make a living on the web as long as these folks are booking holiday travel through our sites etc...

i think this joiner guy could be a good social experiment. Blue Collar, works hard and is respected at his trade (or you wouldn't give him props on your blog)...can the blue collar get into the web? (sorry to categorize you Scott Cook. Let's check his progress in 6 months. I am putting it in my calendar.

Bulbboy said...

true. i set up a blogger account for a taxi driver before, but he never posted any more than the first post i made. hopefully Scott will be different and see how cool it can be.

Monks said...

i just checked the website you set up for JOINERY IN AND AROUND GLASGOW but don't see a blog? Did you just set up a site or a blog too?

Bulbboy said...

Well spotted, Monks. At Scott's request I handed over all ownership of the domain.

Unfortunately against my advice, he changed the nameservers so I have no control of the site, and he went for an 'out of the box' site.

At least he tried, but will not benefit from my experience (such as it is).

clyde said...

i am an experienced joiner advanced craft city@giulds qualified.i also have domain name
i have also seen some shoddy kitchen work in my time and am shocked at what these so called tradesmen can get away with.i am based in west end of glasgow and have all the proper tools webpage is very basic and directs you to contact me thru an email. i am not very techy and my computing skills are at best basic, but my skills in joinery dept are advanced . i am always looking for work "no job too small"
as they say .so if anyone is intersted email me and i would be only to happy to help.

Bulbboy said...

glad to see that another joiner has picked up the domain, Clyde. it was too good a domain name to go to waste, after my joiner contact mysteriously disappeared of the face of the planet.

good luck with it. :)