Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lovely Lava Lamp

lava lamps are cool in one sense, but hot in another.
the same could be said about google. they sent Shoemoney a lava lamp for participating in their MTV video adsense trials. lava lamps were first invented in the 60s by a chap called Edward Craven Walker. the waxy stuff or "lava" at the bottom of the jar is heated and expands, becoming less dense and moves up the jar. as it moves away from the bulb or heat source, the wax begins to cool, and begins to drop back down again. this slow psychedelic cycle is quite hypnotic, no wonder it was developed in the free lovin 60s!

what type of bulbs does it take? well you might want to take a look
here to see if one of these is a spare for your light. just remember to replace your lava lamp with the same type of bulb it came with. bulbboy is often asked if the lighting dept stocks lava lamp bulbs, sadly we do not. unfortunately sometimes, the same customer will come back to me with a bulb that they have picked up and ask "
will this do?"

just because a bulb may fit does not mean that it should be used. choose the correct fitting, and wattage of bulb for your lava lamp.
also some die hard greeny customers ask if they could stick in an energy saving bulb in to their lava lamps at home because they want to save energy. again, the bulb may fit and give out light but because energy saving bulbs do not give off a lot of heat, and the wax will not flow.

also, keep your lava lamps well away from curious little kiddie fingers; they look like toys but are hot too handle.

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