Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fibromyalgia Treatment

a nice Dutch chap called Johan contacted me after reading something I posted a comment on another blog. after finding my earlier post about fibromyalgia he informed off me of a whey protein powder which boosts the immune system significantly and has helped many fm sufferers to ease their pains. Johan said it looks a bit like the stuff on this mirror. here is a quote about the ImmunoPro Rx:

ImmunePro Rx Whey Protein Concentrate is a unique product which may help aid the immune system. It is 100% pure whey protein. It is a primary-product of Fresh Milk, not a by-product and is the result of years of work to perfect a system that produces only the highest quality milk whey protein. There is no cheese produced in any part of the production nor is there any chemical modification or pH regulation of the milk or whey. The full range of the original proteins is intact and undenatured. The result is a superior product that contains exceptional amounts of the most important protein fractions. Additionally the essential fats bound to the protein often damaged in processing, are still intact in ImmunePro.
maybe i will try this soon, but having gone back to college recently i have become a poor student again so it will have to wait for the moment. are there any other fibromyalgia sufferers out there who have tried this or any other whey protein powders? let me know how you found it.

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