Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stark Lighting

while visiting the Glasgow School of Art degree show last week i noticed a strange looking chandelier light. a first i thought it was made by a student, but on closer inspection i thought that they might have picked it up in a junk shop and cleaned it up. not so; while surfing ebay, goodness know how i came across the same lurid coloured light fitting. what are the chances of that? (well with me, probably higher than your non lighting geek). this would certainly add a je ne sais quoi to your room.

sold by seller the "gypsy rain" kronleuchter ceiling light is ideal for those situations where you want something fun and serious at the same time; a kind of baroque meets teletubbies feel.

another seller has the same light for sale with the name Starck in the description. it does look like something that Philippe Starck is bonkers enough to create, but i don't think it's his design
. don't know if kronleuchter German for chandelier (babelfish doesn't think so) or a company name. maybe someone can enlighten me?

the work of a graphic designer caught my eye too. Dai Williams had on show a beautiful picture of what i think was a plane coming into land, shot from below. the lights were trailing like something from close encounters.
Dai also had a piece entitled everything i learnt at art school. checkout the show next year if you are in Glasgow because sadly it has finished for this year.

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Vicious Summer said...

Wow, that chandelier is god awful...I love it!!