Monday, May 08, 2006

Lights Out

the last blog entry i made, could have been the last that you ever heard from bulbboy. it was almost lights out for me.
DIY disaster, or near disaster, which ever way you look at it.
i was plastering around a dimmer switch, fixing an area that was in need of repair.

the sensible thing to do would be to switch off all the power and remove the dimmer switch entirely before commencing any work.

jimi hendrix was playing in the background.
i mention this as it is a key factor.

again the SENSIBLE thing to do would be to turn off all the power.
bulbboy recommends doing

all along the watchtower was playing, a version that even the great Bob Dylan called superior to his own, and i wanted to continue listening to it.
turning off all the power would not have allowed this.
so with dimmer hanging out by its wires i proceeded to plaster.
and i was so close, but yes you've guessed it.
one stray blob of plaster, and sudden reaction to avoid it, put my hand in contact with a LIVE wire and i got a zap!

a little jolt reminded me why we should abide by safety rules.
don't forget about them, not even for the music of mr hendrix. well, it would have been a good tune to go out to ringing in my ears.
but that is still no excuse.
would you have missed me?

by the time jimi hendrix was my age, he was dead.

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