Monday, April 03, 2006

Know Your Bulbs

don't you know a GU10 from a GZ10 or an E27 from an E14?
bulbboy says: know your bulbs!

why? the reason i say this is that many
people do not know what kind of bulbs
they have in their lamps at home.

i see countless numbers stop and stare
in front of a wall of bulbs, and stare,
and stare, and stare, and stare and...
...well, you get the message.

they aren't marvelling at all the different types
there are, the shapes, the fittings, or even at
the amount of light each can give out.
they are just plain baffled.

this lengthy decision process coupled with the
disappointment of buying the wrong bulb, and then
the prospect of having to return said bulb, it's no
wonder that some do not enjoy this process, those
who came expecting to buy "an ordinary bulb."

dear readers, there is no such thing as an ordinary bulb.
each one must be cherished for what it gives to the world.
it has a finite lifespan like ourselves,
and then it's time is done.

take a peek inside your fittings and make a note
of all the different types you have.
and then go and seek them out...


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