Sunday, March 12, 2006


there is a boy called Bamjan who was meditating.
he is a teenager from nepal who had been sitting under a
peepal tree (that's peepal not paypal).

his full name is Ram Bahadur Banjan and he had been
meditating for months apparently without food, water,
sleep or toilet breaks. The story was even on the bbc

he was to carry on meditating for another six years, until he
reached enlightenment, where he would transcend desire
and suffering and attain Nirvana.

the plot thickens...

he has disappeared! where did he go?
from the site:

"It was still unclear when he went missing, but initial reports said he was last seen on Friday.

Subedi said police were investigating if the boy just wandered into the jungle or he was
abducted by robbers."

did he trancsend earlier than expected?
maybe he disappeared in a flash of blinding light, or smuggled away under cover of darkness?
with the great influx of visitors to the site in Nepal, one would have thought that at least one of these people would have had a torch to cut through the night, and find the source of any rustling after dark.

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